6/58 LOTTO RESULT – Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) presents Ultra Lotto Result 6/58 every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9PM.

The post below contains the official PCSO 6/58 Lotto Result and jackpot prize today.


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6/58 Lotto Result November 26, 2019 – The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, better known as PCSO, has announced the 6/58 Ultra Lotto result for tonight.

6/58 Lotto Result:
(in any order)
Jackpot Prize:
Php 50,142,173.60

The number combination above constitutes the 6/58 lotto result for Tuesday, November 26, 2019. The lucky bettor who gets all six numbers above in any order wins the 6/58 jackpot prize tonight while those who get three, four or five out of the six winning numbers receive a minor prize.

Meanwhile, 6/58 lotto players can review past results at the 6/58 Lotto result history page. Those who bought tickets for 6/42 and 6/49 lotto can check on this page the 6/42 Lotto Result and 6/49 Lotto Result for tonight.

6/58 Lotto Result November 26 2019

Once again, these are the 6/58 lotto results today in any order: 58-46-45-52-25-54

The table below contains the prizes to be given in tonight’s 6/58 draw.

Ultra Lotto 6/58 Nov 26, 2019 Draw Summary
Prize Level Amount Winners
Jackpot Php 50,142,173.60 0
2nd Prize Php 147,090.00 3
3rd Prize Php 2,450.00 144
4th Prize Php 20.00 2,615

Source: PCSO


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Furthermore, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office employs the following payout system in calculating 6/58 prizes:

-6 winning numbers: Initial Jackpot Prize of Php 50,000,000.00*
-5 winning numbers: Second Prize (Up to Php 280,000.00)*
-4 winning numbers: Third Prize (Up to Php 3,800.00)*
-2 winning numbers: Fourth Prize (Php 20.00)

*PCSO determines the actual prizes based on total sales and number of winners for the current 6/58 draw (pari-mutuel). The TRAIN Law also requires PCSO to deduct 20% tax from Ultralotto winnings above Php 10,000.00.

HOW TO PLAY: Six balls numbered from 1 to 58 will be drawn and you win the jackpot prize by matching all of the drawn numbers, in any order. If two or more persons win the jackpot, payment for each winner is determined by dividing equally the jackpot amount.

In addition, PCSO advises all players to remember the following when playing Lotto 6/58:

  • PCSO holds 6/58 Lotto draws every TUESDAY, FRIDAY and SUNDAY at 9pm.
  • PCSO only allows persons aged 18 and above to play the 6/58 Lotto and to claim the winnings.
  • Bettors must pay Php 24.00 for every 6 number combination. This amount includes the 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).
  • Bettors should check the 6/58 draw date and the numbers printed in the ticket before leaving the PCSO outlet!

Note: Visit this page for more up-to-date PCSO Lotto Results.

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